Keypads/Flex Circuits

Taiwan & China Factories Established: May 17th 1982
Employees: 2000
Certified: ISO 9001-2000; UL, QS9000

Major Customers: Motorola, Nokia, Honeywell, Segem, Sankyo, Nortel Teac, Leica Siemens, Nissan

Flexible PCB
Type of Product:
    -Flex-Rigid Board
    -Multi-Layer Flex PCB
    -Single-Side Flexible PCB
    -Double-Side Flexible PCB
    -S.M.D. Components on PCB
    -UL E 156389 & E 200944

-Trace Widith: Trace Width 3ML, Space 3MIL
    -Plating: Tim - Lead (or Hot-Air-Leveling), Nickel, Gold
    -Components Assembly: S.M.T for All Kind of Active and Passive Components Including LED, Resistor, Diode, etc.

Membrane Keyboard Switch

-Standard 12 Keys, 16 Keys, 20 Keys, Are No Tooling Charge Necessary
    -Mylar Dome and Metal Dome Both Are Available
    -Special Design for EMI, RFI, or ESD Shielding
    -Raised Key with Mylar or Metal Tactile Effect
    -S.M.D Components on Mylar Circuit or Connector for Tail Termination

Operation Voltage: <35 vdc
    -Operation Current: <100 ma
    -Contact Resistance: <100 ohms
    -Open Circuit Resistance: <10 meg ohms
    -Operation Force: <30g to 500g
    -Operation Temperature: <-35C to +70C
    -Storage Temperature: <-45C to +90C
    -Life Expectancy Cycles: <5 x 105 to 3 x 107
    -Switch Stroke: <0.1 -0.6mm
    -Contact Bounce: <5 -30msec

Touch Panel
-Analog 4 Wire & 5 Wire Type
    -Matrix Type

    -Dimensions and Thickness: ITO Film 0.125, 0.188 ITO Glass 0.55, 0.7, 1.1, 1.8, 2.0, 2.2
    -Structure; Film to Film, Film to Glass, Film to Film with Plastic Back Board
    -Transparency: 65% - 85%
    -Surface Texture: Polish or Anti-Glare
    -Surface Hardness: 3H with Hard Coatings for Surface Protection
    -Actuation Force Range: 3 - 200 grams
    -Current and Voltage Rating: DC 5V, 12mA
    -Linearity: <1.5%
    -Isolation Resistance: >50 Mega ohm at 25V DC
    -Service Durability: >3 Million Cycles (Tip R3, Load: 300g, Silicone Rubber Hardness: 60) or > 1 Million Cycles (Pen Tip: Ro. 8, Load 250g)
    -Operating Temperature: 0C - 65C
    -Storage Temperature: -15C - +65C
    -Operating Humidity: 15% - 85% R.H
    -Flat Surface and Curved Surface Both Are Available
    -Back Plate for the Stiffener Can Be Transparent Polycarbonate, Glass and Harden Glass
    -Back Lighting Also Can Be Design on Your Production

Standard Products:

Size:     Active Area:            View Area:         Outside Dimension:
3.8"     55.4 x 63.4mm       58.4 x 65.9mm       63.4 x 73.4mm     
5.7"     83.9 x 113.4mm     86.9 x 115.9mm      91.9 x 123.4mm
6.1"     90 x 121.4mm        93 x 123.9mm        98 x 131.4mm
10.4"   155.5 x 208.9mm   158.5 x 211.4mm    163.5 x 218.9mm
15.1"   227.1 x 304.3mm   230 x 304.3mm      235.1 x 314.3mm

Rubber Keypad

List of Products:
-Regular Keypad
    -Multi-Color Keypad
    -Complete Set - F.P.C. + LED + Keypad
    -Complete Set - Mylar Circuit + LED + Keypad
    -Complete Set - P.C.B. + Keypad + Components

-Plastouch Over Coating 
    -Bright Over Coating
    -Epoxy Over Coating
    -Night Time Design (Laser Engrave)
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