Taiwan & China Factories Established: August 2002

Advanced Technology:
-OEM & ODM capable 

SMT & THT Assembly:
-Damnpproof Cabinet Storage/Baking
    -PCB Screen Printing
    -X-Ray Checking

We utilize an SEM-688 Automatic Printing Machine with the Vision System to Align the PCB Automatically

We use the Programmable LaserVision SP3D System for Solder Paste Height Measurement

Mydata MY-12 Pick and Place System:
        -Hydra option allows simultaneous pick of 8 components with high-speed placement. Optical and mechanical centering. Equipped with Linescan for high speed mounting at 21,000 CPH and fine pitch placement at 6,100 CPH. In addition, maximum board size of 16.54”x23.23”. Electrical verification of passive components.
Mydata MY-9 Pick and Place System:
    -It is the smallest machine with the ultimate fine-pitch placer in the MY-Series. The high-speed fine-pitch Linescan Vision System, placing 6,100 CPH; and the ultra-fine placement head Midas.
Universal AC-30L Pick and Place System:
    -30-spindle rotary Lighting Head
    -Dual on-the-head camera optics
    -Spec Speed: 30,000CPH (0.12sec)
    -Smallest Chip dimension: 0201
    -Feeder Slots: 136 (8mm tape)

X-Ray BGA Inspection System:
    -Landrex Verifier X-Ray Machine

    -Nousstar Reflow Systems
    -Rework System: RD-500S II

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