Fuel Tracker 2.0

Meet Fuel Tracker 2.0

Fuel Tracker (FT) is a universal fuel-sensing device that determines the exact fuel burn of any turbo-based diesel engine as well as idle time, radiator temperature and airflow, regardless of the make and model.  It will track that fuel burn by time and location. FT can be made to interface with most Telematics units.   Accurate to better than 5%.


No other system measures what Fuel Tracker 2.0 measures.

  1. Real-time fuel usage vs. ECM estimates of what the injectors should be injecting.
  2. Actual horse power
  3. Productive/Non-Productive work time
  4. Power train load
  5. Air Filter flow restrictions
  6. Radiator water temperature
  7. Input Voltage 



      Power:  Input voltage range is +9 to +32 VDC with short circuit and input.

      Polarity protection:  35 mA peak, 15 mA average.

      OperatingRange:  -35 to 80° C

      Storage Temperature:  -35 to 90° C

      Altitude:  Up to 4,000 meters

      Operating Humidity:  0 to 85% max. relative humidity (non-condensing)

      Pressure Ports:  1/8 barb fitting

      Turbo Burst Pressure:  120 PSI

      Turbo Proof Pressure:  60 PSI

      Vacuum Burst Pressure:  ±30 PSI

      Vacuum Proof Pressure:  ±15 PSI

System Requirements:

      Telematics or other communication unit (2 channel or more is ideal)

      Wiring Diagram

      Interface specifications



(Standard sized cabling included)

Sample daily report:  Fuel Tracker Daily Report.pdf

Sample monthly report:  Fuel Tracker Monthly Report.pdf

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